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The Longevity Blog   •   January 1st, 2019


For this space is to simply share information & knowledge with you!

Information & knowledge that you may or may not already know

Information & knowledge that may re-confirm some learnings you already know or perhaps some of these learnings will butt right up against your ‘way of life’ and may directly go against and question what you know

And you know what? They’re both welcome…

There are two sides to a story, and I will do my best to cover both

But of course, it’s impossible to completely eradicate subjective bias when only one human (me) is writing a blog.

It’s all just information…

I respect that there are things that you know that I might not

But you know that you know them

Just like there are things you know that you don’t know. Like I know I don’t know how to fly a plane

But then there are things that “You don’t know that you don’t know” and I hope this is a space the dives into those areas for you

Thank you, truly!

Before we explore the concept of living a healthy long life in breadth & depth I want to thank you

  • Thank you for your time
  • Thank you for your commitment to yourself and,
  • Thank you for your future feedback and/or suggestions!

Secondly, please know I do know I do not and don’t claim to know everything!

The biggest learning you can take from this initial post is to be skeptical of everything

Everything you read, hear and especially what I say here

All I can say is on this do your own homework…

Let us begin, shall we?

LongevityDefined as

  • Long life
  • Long existence of service

This concept of Longevity has taken hold of me over recent years, and I feel it has been misused in the health and wellness space

I want to bring it home

You see, I’m at a point where it’s easier for me to express these thoughts and ideas here than have them sit idle in my head

So, let’s bring it back to its bare roots in a raw form

I had a client ask the other day what my philosophies for health and wellbeing?

What does ‘Jake Holness’ swear by?

and I thought this was a great place to start as you should know where I am coming from!

My philosophy around health and wellbeing in one word:


In a sentence:

Falling in love with the journey of seeking a balance

A very ‘hippy/yogi’ sentence I know…

Let’s break it down

Falling in love – liking what you are engaging in

The journey – your life on a day to day basis

Seeking a balance – finding peace, clarity, and direction that feels right for you!

It is here I want to open a conversation of finding a balance between key areas of the physiological and psychological areas of health and wellbeing

These include your:

  • Physical Heath
  • Social Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Intellectual Health
  • Mental Health

Here, we shall explore these aspects of Longevity in three particular ways:

  1. By curating information from many different times and places to make it easier and more efficient for you to get the information
  2. By sharing information from an anecdotal, evidenced and researched based background
  3. to share from my personal experiences

In this space, we will build a strong foundation of knowledge for us to grow as we take control of our own health and wellbeing.

Got time to read on?

Here is a quick dive into an overview of the 5 areas!

  1. Physically doing what works best for you in the present and what is facilitating the life and growth you want/need moving forward
  2. Surrounding yourself with healthy social interactions. Living your life in accordance with how you want to engage with others.
  3. Becoming aware of your emotions and living a life where you feel in alignment. Developing the skill of noticing what doesn’t serve you and taking steps to re-balance yourself
  4. Loving what information goes into your brain and what you use it for. Living a life of intellectual growth that is positively stimulating for you
  5. Developing the skill and practice of separating yourself from ego. Training the mental component of your being and developing the skill of watching and noticing when your thoughts are out of alignment and not serving you. Understanding that although you have thoughts, they are not you and they don’t control you. Finding balance here and being present to if your thoughts are serving you in the current moment or not.

By drawing our focus onto these areas, I aim to assist you to notice when some areas area may be out of balance and then show you certain practices to gain neutrality in this area again.

That’s it…

I don’t claim to improve your physical fitness to elite status, nor do I promise that this will fix your broken relationships

What I do promise is real information and sharing from raw authenticity with an intention to help others improve the quality and quantity of their life

So, there is it!

My philosophies towards health and wellbeing

And you know what? I still stuck with all of them! But I am aware and committed to the journey. I am committed to sharing and exploring these areas with you

“Knowledge withheld is knowledge wasted”

Jake Holness

Got any questions or comments?

Please leave them below!

Jake Holness
Jake HolnessExercise Scientist