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For my friends, family, and clients

Are you currently sitting with one of the following problems?

  • Plateauing in your fitness/performance
  • Not achieving your fitness/performance goals (weight loss included)
  • Burning out physically and/or mentally
  • Spending more than 5 hours per/week exercising and you feel like your getting nowhere

Then this is for you!

In two previous posts (links) I introduced the concept of Training Smarter not Harder and I was surprised by the level of confusion I received around this concept
Minimal Effective Dose (MED)
This term was introduced to me by the man himself Tim Ferriss, who I would highly recommend checking out!
MED is used to describe the absolute minimal amount of a certain stimulus that will produce the desired outcome (physiological response in the body). Anything beyond that is potentially wasteful
Let us apply this concept to exercise and the physiological adaptations you get from it
Do you want to:
  • Increase muscle mass?
  • Improving your ‘cardio’?
  • Lose weight?
  • or Tone up?
Well this approach just might be the little game changer you’ve been looking for
You see, one of the biggest barriers to exercise or achieving something of the above is a lack of time
And what if you are already an exerciser?
MED is a potential way to either overcome this barrier or get more out of your workout in a shorter amount of time
So how much of a certain exercise does one need to do to elicit the desired physiological responses?
The answer to that question is not a simple one…
The answer to this question will differ depending desired outcome is
Although I’ll attempt to give it justice in the short length of a blog!

Wanting to Gain Muscle?

The answer would be finding the MED or minimal amount of resistance training one would need for the body to get the stimulus, adapt to the stimulus and then build muscle as a result
Would something like this:
A hypertrophy protocol
  • A Micro, Meso and Macro plan
  • Exercises, Sets, Reps 
  • Prescribed Progressive Overload
  • Tempo of Exercises
  • Volume Tracking
  • Nutrition/supplement suggestions with an increase in caloric consumption
  • Resting guidelines between exercises and between workouts
  • Tailored to you!

Wanting to get Cardio Fit?

Well what is the MED or minimal amount of effort required for the body to get the stress stimulus from training to adapt and get desired results 
A similar approach to the above, a planned, well-structured program to achieve desired outcomes
But where do I find these protocols!?

The good news

Thousands of people have already planned, trialed and refined a lot of these training protocols
Get a trainer, ideally an Exercise Scientist, Exercise Physiologist, Strength and Conditioning Coach or a trainer that has a lot of results (not just experience!!!)
How to find them? (Click on the link)
A great MED approach to:
Stay tuned I will be touching on a few aspects of and curating different training methods but if you want to get onto it right away I urge you to do your own homework!

A quote to leave you on:

“You’ll get the same results you’ve always got by doing the same things you’ve always done.”

Exercise Physiologist

Jake Holness

“Knowledge withheld is knowledge wasted”

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For now, check out a basic diagram to answer are my exercise classes contributing to the goals I’m out to achieve?