“Eat right. Stay fit. Live long. Die quick”

~Liping Zhao

The Longevity Blog   •   March 3rd, 2019

Life expectancy is a critical gauge of any society, of course!

But equally important is what we call health expectancy…

In the next few posts, I will give you the recipe/lifestyle that centenarians follow that facilitates living to a healthy 100+ years of age

I used to think that expensive modern technological therapies and medicine were what I needed to live a long and healthy life

But I was wrong…

We are, for the very first time in our lives living shorter lives than the people before us

I have recently been diving into the realm of nutrition, gut health and it’s correlations with longevity

As you may recall from my first ever post, Welcome to the Longevity Blog

I defined Longevity as:

  • Long life
  • Long existence of service

However, the concept of Longevity is often misinterpreted 

I am not advocating all of this information to simply live a longer life…

I want to focus in on the QUALITY of life!

Because we see a lot of ill health in today’s society

The medical and other integrative professions have brought us a long way in assisting us in living longer


Sometimes we see only just that…

An increase in life span but not an increase in the quality of our life

We are living longer in poorer health…

And I want to assist you in breaking this potential future for you

After all, who wants to live for the last 20 years of their life with dementia, unable to remember their own kid’s name

Or for the last 10 years with incontinence shitting yourself and having nurses clean you daily

Or worse of all, having someone live out the last years of their life years in pain…

My Definition

 Longevity does not simply mean living longer… but living healthier!

Throughout history, people have been living long and healthy lives to ripe old ages of 90 or even 100 and this is without the need for medical intervention!

Blue Zones

There are a number of places that are renown for people live longer and healthier than anywhere else on earth!!!

Several of these blue zones exist:

  1. The Italian island of Sardinia
  2. Okinawa, Japan
  3. Loma Linda, California
  4. Costa Rica’s isolated Nicoya Peninsula
  5. Ikaria, an isolated Greek island

The Lifestyle that Rules them all!

Quite simply, these people living in the blue zones share a number of similar lifestyle characteristics that enables them to live a healthy long life

 These characteristics fall into the following five areas of health and wellbeing, which have previously been explained in Welcome to the Longevity Blog

The five essential areas of health are your:

  1. Physical Heath
  2. Social Health – Click for Could Your Social Health be the Secret to Living Longer
  3. Emotional Health
  4. Intellectual Health
  5. Mental Health
  6. Spiritual Health

The recipe to live a healthy long life

In the next few articles we will be covering the following:

  1. A healthy daily mix of food, exercise and rest
  2. Positive social relationships with family and friends
  3. Eager and looking forward to the future and a low-stress environment
  4. Invested in and loving what they are learning and using their brain for
  5. A sense of purpose in their day to day work and passions
  6. A healthy dose of spirituality
Physical Heath

Consisting of three important areas: 

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Rest


All Blue Zones have the common trend of an eating lifestyle:

  • high in vegetables
  • high in seasonal fruits
  • 2+ servings of fish per week
  • intake of nuts (not peanuts and cashews as these are not nuts but legumes)
  • low intake of red meat (less than 2 servings per week
  • low intake of sugar (less than 10 grams per day)
  • high intake on mono and polyunsaturated fats, MCT oils (coconut oil) and low intake of vegetable and processed fats
  • low intake of toxins and carcinogens (please refer to Cancer… Control It Before It Controls You…)
  • low intake of processed foods of modern civilization (anything you have to open out of a packet)


A daily routine that incorporates regular physical activity/exercise is common across all Blue Zones 

How! Aren’t they living on the side of cliffs and in remote locations? Where do they get access to a gym?

ANS: The people that live in these areas have exercise already built into their daily lives naturally.

If you’ve ever been to some of the Blue Zones mentioned above you will have noticed that you need to climb a really fkn big mountain or hill to simply go to work or the shops

Additionally, the people that live in these locations usually walk a lot and generally use their bodies as they perform their daily activities

These people are simply more active than your usual population of humans, using their muscles and burning energy.

A 90-year-old in one of these Blue Zones is physically tough

Their immune system is stronger

They have more muscle mass

Better Aerobic Fitness

Their body is physically fitter when enables them to overcome and fight off disease

Diseases that would more often than not kill someone here in Australia or America of the same age

Rest, recovery & de-stress

Stress is especially proven through mountains of data and studies to have serious harmful effects on the body

Yes certain amounts of stress are healthy for the human body

We need stress to adapt to, to get stronger, to improve our resilience to illness and disease

But cortisol (which is the hormone produced in response to stress) can be harmful

A life with high-stress levels have high levels of cortisol constantly flowing in their bodies

Unfortunately, this is too much for our bodies to adapt to and it has a negative effect on our health

The long term effects can include increased blood pressure and other health markers which in turn increase one’s risk of developing heart disease and several other major diseases

Those living in the Blue Zones have reported a low-stress life and filled with happiness

I will dive into this topic a little deeper in the preceding articles but strong family ties, a sense of purpose and sleep all play a critical role with stress levels!

Unlike nutrition and exercising, this third pillar of a healthy lifestyle is hard to define which is why I will need to cover it by addressing a number of areas in your life

To read more, click on The Three Pillars of Optimal Health

“Knowledge withheld is knowledge wasted”

Jake Holness


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Hippocrates 460BC - 370BC (90 Years of Age)
Hippocrates 460BC - 370BC (90 Years of Age)'Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.'
A Greek physician of the Age of Pericles, who is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine