Don’t Die From Something Stupid

The Longevity Blog   •   February 4th, 2019

For my friends, family, and clients

Ifirst heard this concept in one of the many podcasts I listen to called Exponential Wisdom, episode 53 called Don’t Die From Something Stupid

Surprise, surprise on the name hey! Full credit to these guys for their amazing work

Although I had already studied it at long lengths while at University, it wasn’t until listening to that Podcast did the importance ring true

I was hooked!!!

In today’s modern medical science we have so much data, research, and experience that we basically know what you will most likely die from

Top 3 Causes of Death:

  1. Cardiovascular Disease (your reading the article!)
  2. Neurological Disorders
  3. Cancer

The funny thing is… we ALREADY know the common:

  • trends of these diseases
  • ages the condition arises
  • risk factors/causes
  • how to screen for them
  • & prevention strategies to put in place 

So What’s The Problem?

NOBODY KNOWS THE ABOVE INFORMATION!!! (which is why I am writing about it)

My intention for this post is for you to learn just one thing, just one! And maybe, just maybe you this one little piece of information may end up helping you live a healthier and longer life

You have the right to know this information is a straight forward manner, no advertising pills, meds to help the high cholesterol, no doctor attempting to get you to lose weight via the new shake or drug that’s just it the market, and no GP explaining what your blood results are…

Time to take matters into your own hands…

If you knew what you were most likely to die from, wouldn’t you put in some very small measures to make inevitable no longer your fate?

If not… I get it, stop reading here if you don’t care what your most likely going to die from

Over the next 3 posts, I will dive into these 4 killers and how to NOT DIE FROM THEM (*attempt to do this we will!)

The links will be posted directly below as I write them:

  1. Cardiovascular Disease (no link as it is this post!)
  2. Neurological Disorders
  3. Cancer

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

~ is a type of dis-ease in the body that involves your heart and blood vessels


  • RANKED #1 BIGGEST KILLER with 45K direct deaths and an addition 41K deaths attributed to CVD in 2015 totaling 86K deaths in that year! 
  • Almost 1 in 3 Australian deaths are due to CVD
  • Men are twice as high as women to have CVD
  • Over half a million people were admitted to hospital for CVD related dis-ease in 2015-16


  • 18 Years and over


  1. Chronic High Blood Pressure
  2. Chronic High Blood Cholesterol
  3. Smoking
  4. Diabetes
  5. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  6. Excess Weight
  7. Physical Inactivity
  8. Ethnic Background (based on minimal genetics and more on behavior)
  9. Aging and Menopause
  10. Depression and feeling alone

How do I screen for them!?

  1. Measuring Blood Pressure (done with your GP)
  2. Blood Tests (ask for this from your GP) also here’s a link to a podcast by the man himself Tim Ferriss that does a deep dive on this topic
  3. Measuring Blood Glucose Levels (also done with your GP)
  4. Screening for PCOS (done at the GP)
  5. Weight, BMI, Body Scans and Hip to Waist Measurements (done at the GP or an Exercise Physiologist)
  6. Are you meeting the Exercising Guidelines?
7, 8 & 9. A consultation with an Exercise Physiologist and adequate referrals will help assess the last three

Is there a company that already does this?

YES!!! It’s called the Health Nucleus but it is unfortunately for us in Australia it is located in California…
Australia hopefully soon!!!

Prevention Strategies

In no particular order:

Exercise (click here to see the guidelines)

  • Cardiovascular Training
  • Resistance Training
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Nutrition (click here to see guidelines)

Body composition

  • Waist to hip ratio to be within healthy ranges
  • BMI to be within normal limits
  • Blood composition (link coming soon)

Top Recommended Podcasts on the Topic

All I say is do your own homework on this guys!!!

A quote to leave you on:

“You’ll get the same results you’ve always got by doing the same things you’ve always done.”

Exercise Physiologist

Jake Holness

“Knowledge withheld is knowledge wasted”

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