Achieving New Year Fitness Goals

The Longevity Blog • 6th  January 2019

To give yourself a fighting chance of success in the new year there are three key areas that need to be in balance

  1. Rest/Recovery
  2. Nutrition
  3. Movement/Exercise

Too often these are out of whack when striving towards a ‘fitness’ or ‘health’ related goal

Movement and Exercise are often focused on way WAY too much and the other (but just as relevant and important) areas are neglected

Those doing this are often seen attending as many fitness classes as possible with the assumption the more = better and as a consequence, performance or weight loss problems arise for being out of balance

But exercise is good for you… Isn’t it?!!!

It is! It’s great for you!

But in the right amounts…

I want to explain how misleading the more=better approach is and why you are potentially doing yourself more harm than good…

Regardless of where the idea of more = better comes from it’s an unwise and dangerous way road to achieving optimal health and fitness for yourself

In the right amounts exercising can:

  • Decrease your risk of a heart attack
  • Assist in managing your weight
  • Assist in managing blood cholesterol levels
  • Lower your risk of type 2 diabetes and some cancers
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Increase bone strength, muscles and joints
  • Lower your risk of osteoporosis
  • Lower your falls risk
  • Contributes to increasing your energy levels
  • Cause beneficial changes in hormones which can lead to better moods
  • Can assist in relaxation
  • Can improve your quality and quality of sleep

BUT! Over-exercising can lead to:

  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Suppressed immune system
  • Weight retention
  • Increase inflammation throughout the body

Are you an over-exerciser?

Below are a few signs...

  • Exercise leaves you exhausted instead of energised
  • Your enjoyment of certain things (you usually enjoy) is decreasing
  • You get sick easily (or it takes you forever to get over a cold)
  • You are becoming more and more cynical
  • You are plateauing in your performance
  • You’re unable to sleep or you can’t seem to get enough sleep
  • You have “heavy” legs
  • You have a short fuse and
  • You’re regularly (every week) sore for days (3 or more) at a time despite an increase in intensity


The Good News

There is a solution if you are out of balance or feel you are overtraining

Too often people neglect one, two or all three of the pillars and then fall short of their goals but there are small changes you can make to your lifestyle that will get you back on track to achieving your goals.

The Journey of Finding Balance

"I want you to fall in love with the process of finding balance in your physical wellbeing goal"

If you only took one thing away from this post, I would want it to be the above quote because as humans and we are never satisfied.

I’m not joking…

Once a certain goal such as weight loss is achieved we either shift our attention to another aspect of our health or revert back to our old habits and ‘un-achieve’ our goal

You also might get sick, injured, married, go on holidays, you change your goals and then find yourself out of balance again, once again working towards something

So the key is to enjoy and fall in love with the process of working towards something

Because life is a journey and we will continue to be on this journey until we die…

That’s it, the End…

Kidding, I wouldn’t just leave you there!

If this is something you’re interested in learning about further please head to…f-optimal-health/

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