Knowledge withheld is knowledge wasted


Who Am I

Jake is a prime mover in the health wellness space.

Improving the quality of the human experience is his main focus.

With longevity at the core of his beliefs, his approach is a holistic one, this includes a consideration of the 5 key areas of health and wellbeing:

Physical Health

Social Health

Emotional Health

Intellectual Health

Spiritual Health

After working with thousands of people in a range of areas of health he would say his expertise in predominately in the physical health realm.

As an exercise scientist, he holds degrees in Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Exercise Sports Science

Jake’s passion for the human mind and body started at an early age. Many who have met Jake would agree that he is a strangely unique blend between the academics and the practical. Through a string of physical and mental setbacks, Jake was set on a journey of pursuing the ultimate health of mind and body.

Beginning with the goal of understanding his own body, Jake immersed himself in his studies and physical practice. Holding two degrees in Human Anatomy and Exercise Physiology Jake is a continuing Exercise Scientist who believes knowledge is important but “knowledge withheld is knowledge wasted.” This was the reason to create this space for you all so he could share his wisdom with you all. He continues to uphold a high emphasis on his own learnings, and he lets this passion flow through expression and sharing this knowledge to others.

Set on the path to becoming an Exercise Physiologist in the health and wellness industry, Jake currently works with up and coming health professionals and business owners in the areas of upskilling fitness professionals, career direction, productivity, and business development. His highly efficient and effective nature allows productivity in the areas that matter most which enable him to perfectly balance his career, academics, and personal life.

Jake is also an academic coach, currently tutoring students and fitness professionals in the areas of Human Anatomy, Physiology, Biology and Exercise Sports Science. He holds a high emphasis on effective and efficient study habits, productivity and mindset.

He is extremely passionate about empowering those to do what inspires them and helps others create a future that they are inspired to live into.

My Mission

Jake’s mission is to empower and support individuals in the area’s health and wellbeing. He does this by sharing his knowledge, skills, experience through promoting autonomy, competency in a professional and relatable manner.

“You will leave Jake’s presence feeling welcomed, humbled, inspired, motivated and empowered to move forward powerfully with your health and wellbeing!”

Through next level coaching and mentoring in the areas of physical health and personal development, Jake is renown for exceptional service delivery and client experience. People who have worked with Jake have often left his presence feeling supported and upskilled with the knowledge of how to move forward in a positive direction.

Jake is aiming to bridge the gap between the allied health professions and the health and fitness industry. He brings the knowledge, skill sets and experience of health and fitness coaches in the industry to a standard that has never been seen before, and surpasses all expectations that are currently found in the fitness industry.

My Qualifications

Jake currently holds:

  • A majored in Human Anatomy and Physiology completed in the Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne.
  • Studies in Exercise Physiology, Neurophysiology and Exercise Nutrition, University of California, San Diego.
  • A Bachelor of Exercise Sports Science at the Australian Catholic University.
  • Certificates 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Senior Level First Aid & CRP
  • Police and Working with Childrens Check

Lastly Jake is currently he is further developing his knowledge and experience in the areas of human movement in the Masters Clinical Exercise Physiology program at the Australian Catholic University.

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